Bocan Stone Circle

Availability: Jan - Dec

Address: Bocan Stone Circle , Gleneely , Co Donegal
Tel: 0749374933

Situated on good pasture land on the hill of Bocan, Inishowen from Sliabh Snaght to Trawbega Bay right to Glengad is visible. This magnificent view from Culdaff and Bocan chapel just below is impressive especially if seen at sunrise or sunset. It has been speculated that stone circles like this one were original sun temples. Many of the stones (originally numbering 30 in all) were removed during indiscriminate land development so that one has to imagine partially the circular form. The remaining stones are up to 7ft tall and it is easy to conjure up the image of sacred rites being performed, and wonder as to what type of religion was being practised.