The Float Room

Availability: Jan - Dec

Address: Finn Valley Centre , Stranorlar , Co. Donegal
Tel: +353 (0)89 442 8691

The Float Room at the Finn Valley Centre, Stranorlar, is the Northwest`s first Floating Rest facility, and gives clients the opportunity to experience all the benefits of sensory deprivation or REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique).

Years of well-documented research shows that floatation therapy has a positive effect on pain and stress relief, and this rejuvenating experience is now available in the nort-west at the Float Room.

Noted for its positive aid in the treatment of sports injuries, muscular pains, stress and even pregnancy related pains (and that`s just a small sample). Floating Rest is a relaxation technique where clients float in a small amount of water at room temperature and experience a sense of weightlessness.

The warm water - around ten inches in depth has Epsom Salts and Magnesium Sulphate added but no swimming experience is necessary and you will never, ever sink!

Larger and less claustrophobic than floating tanks, The Float Room is a sound-proof, deeply relaxing experience that will help lift the weight of the world off your shoulder!

Single & Double Float Rooms are available.

  • Highlights
  • The first Floating Room facility in the North West
  • Located in the Finn Valley Centre
  • No swimming experience required
  • Muscle pain and stress relief therapy