Owey Island lies midway between Gola and Arranmore and is just off-shore from Cruit Island. The recently whitewashed cottages on Owey are clearly visible from the Clubhouse at the end of Cruit. It is roughly the same size as Gola, being a little over 300 acres in area. Like Gola it was once home to almost a hundred islanders but this population had reduced to about thirty by the time the last islanders left in 1974.

Don't take our word

Owey Island

Don't take our word for it - check out what WeLoveDonegal Blog said about their trip to Owey.

We took the opportunity to take a trip to Owey Island this week. The weather was perfect ~ blue skies and still waters made the three quarters of a mile, five minute trip out perfect and the subsequent trip around the island, stunning.

Our boatman was Dan Gallagher who operates a small boat from the pier on Cruit Island over to Owey Island during the summer months (from May to the end of August). The island has no permanent residents but during the summer those who own houses on the island spend a lot of time there ~ and having been there, I can fully understand why.

The island is totally untouched by 21st century life as we know it. Yes, there are fridges and cookers in the houses but these are run by gas cylinders as there is no electricity on the island. As a result of no electricity there are no computers and no internet connection. There are no TVs, no blaring music systems, and no brain overloading modern day distractions at all. Light in the homes is supplied by gas too or by candlelight.

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