Lennon Festival Ramelton

Date: 7 July 2017 - 10 July 2017
Where: Ramelton
Email: info@ramelton.net

The Lennon Festival is an annual event which takes place each July and this year will be the 46th Festival. It takes place in the town of Ramelton Co. Donegal.

We have a real community feel as we cater for all ages young and old with various events, like crab fishing, team games, fashions show Queen of the Lennon and little prince and princess competition, kids sports , soccer trials ,soccer match, treasure hunt, concert, dance with traditional dancing, carnival parade,live outdoor music,pet show, adult and children’s adventure trail, fancy dress, children’s talent show,many other events, ending with a river lights display with animated rafts coming up river to an amazing fireworks display which dazzle over the old quayside buildings and give beautiful reflections on the river.

We have pre-festival events from 3rd July on as we can not fit it all in!!!!!

Ramelton is a heritage town and has some very interesting history and many famous locals who went on to become very successful in both buisness and sporting achievements. As part of the festival we produce a brochure each year and relay some of these facts. We hope to see visitors and locals alike coming along and enjoying the festival and the towns history and surroundings.