If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, you should first contact Donegal Tourism Ltd. (

Donegal Tourism Ltd. has the following privacy policy with respect to information gathered on web pages hosted by Donegal Tourism Ltd. ("Service Pages").

Such information is received by both Donegal Tourism Ltd. and may be received by the owner of the service through which you may have requested services (the "Client"). You should contact the Client to determine the privacy policy, if any, that applies to the Client's collection and use of such information. However, in no event shall Donegal Tourism Ltd. be liable for the Client's use or disclosure of such information. The terms "we" and "us" refer to Donegal Tourism Ltd.


This notice applies to all information collected on the Donegal Tourism Ltd. Web site or submitted to Donegal Tourism Ltd. at any time through any service pages.


When visiting Donegal Tourism Ltd's or any Client's Web site and signing up for or using Donegal Tourism Ltd. services through any service page, you may choose to supply Donegal Tourism Ltd. with information that identifies you personally. For End-Users, this information may include your name and contact information, gender, birth date, occupation and industry, delivery and billing information, credit card numbers and other payment information, behaviour patterns, purchase history, and other information. For Clients, this information may include the Client's name and contact information, the Client's website information (name, URL, visitors per day, page views per month, description, categorization), payment information (check payee, SSN/Tax ID, bank information), and user comments. We also collect prospect information from our End-Users, which may include name and contact information of individual(s) you think would be interested in our services.


We collect non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our website and services, and share the aggregate data with advertisers and other third parties. Each of Donegal Tourism Ltd's Clients has access to information specific only to that Client's site(s). Each Client will determine what it will do with the collected information; however, each Client has individually agreed to abide by this privacy policy and the Donegal Tourism Ltd End-User Agreement.


We use the information you provide about yourself or others to complete the transaction for which the information is intended. Such transactions incorporate administration of our services to you. Except as provided in this privacy policy and the End-User Agreement, we do not share this information with outside parties without your permission except to the extent that is necessary to administer the services we offer our Clients and End-Users or to comply in responding to subpoenas, court orders or other legal proceedings. From time to time, we also use the information you provide about yourself or others to inform you of additions or improvements to the Donegal Tourism Ltd services as well as conduct member surveys in order to improve our services. These communications will only be sent to the administrative account.