Araisin Colmcille flats, Tory Island

Availability: Jan - Dec

Address: West End , Tory Island , Donegal
Tel: +353 74 9165828

Tory is described in folklore as the jewel of the Atlantic. This Irish speaking island is 3 km long and 1.5 km wide divided in three parts An Baile Thoir (East Town), An Baile Thiar (West Town), and An Lar (Middle Town). Tory’s history is very rich in many aspects. The cultural heart of the island is very deep and original, with a strong hold to music, Sean Nos, and the famous Art School of Tory Painters. The natural site is amazingly diversified, and looks like nowhere else.

They are ideally located near the harbour with an astonishing view of the bay and a panoramic view of the Bluestack Mountains in the distance. The Flats are located just above the island shop, which is very convenient for an immediate access to all island amenities (post office, grocery shopping, tea, coffee, island information, outdoor sitting area, and the possibility to book a round island trip with spectacular marine life, wildlife, and one of the best cliff scenery in northern Europe.

The flats are only less than 5 minutes walk to all the island services : children’s playground, the Art Gallery, Craft Shop, Hotel, Café, and the center of the island night life, the local pub (Club Socialta) , famous for ceilis and dancing, as well the best spot to have an audience with Patsy Dan, the King of Tory.

All the flats are fully equipped with all the modern conveniences.

  • Highlights
  • Less than 5 minutes walk to all the island services
  • Ideally located near the harbour
  • Children’s playground
  • Ceilis and dancing in the pubs at night
  • Fully equipped with all the modern conveniences