Errigal Mountain

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Errigal is County Donegal’s Highest Peak. Below it, lies a beautiful glen, in which you will find a spectacular lake. It is said the ’Poisoned Glen/Gleann Nimhe’ was named after the blood that ran from the evil one-eyed Balor after he had been killed by his grandson, Lúgh, the Celtic God of Light. There is another explanation. English cartographers mistook the Irish word for heaven (neamh) with that for poison (nimh). Heaven, in truth, is the word that comes to mind, as those who climb the 750 metres to Errigal’s twin summits and gaze from cloud level to the ravishing beauty of mountains, forests, wild parkland and shimmering lakes below, will discover.

Hiking/Climbing Information

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The traditional and most popular way to climb Errigal is from the carpark off the R251. The route initially crosses some very heavily eroded and boggy ground. Head towards a very visible track rising through the shiny scree on the lower slopes of the mountain. It is really from this point that the ascent proper starts. You are faced with a short stiff walk over the scree before reaching solid rock. From here, it’s simply a case of following the well scratched track which leads around the edge of the summit ridge to the large circular shelter. From the shelter, the widening views across to Mackoght, Altan Lough and the Aghlas are simply breathtaking. After the shelter are a number of cairns which lead onto the every-narrowing ridge with steep slopes on either side providing a degree of exposure. The ridge terminates at the first and highest of the twin summits which is the highest point in Donegal and perhaps one of the smallest mountain summits in Ireland. On the summit, you really do feel on top of the world with the expansive views covering the coast and islands of Donegal and reputedly half of Ulster on a clear day

Cautionary Notes: Appropriate Clothing and Footwear is essential. Weather Conditions subject to change.

  • Highlights
  • Donegal’s Highest Peak
  • Excellent Views of Poisoned Glen, Dunlewey and Glenveagh National Park
  • Car Parking