Lough Derg

Availability: Apr - Oct

Address: Lough Derg , Pettigo , Co Donegal
Tel: 0719861518
Email: info@loughderg.org

St Patricks Purgatory, Lough Derg, is a unique pilgrimage site in a small lake in County Donegal. Once considered to be at the end of the earth and therefore on the threshold of the other world. Tradition has it the first abbot of the monastery of Lough Derg was St Davog, a disciple of St. Patrick. The tradition of pilgrimage certainly dates back to the early days of Christianity....and possibly even further. Some aspects of the pilgrimage-fasting, going without sleep or shoes make it seem absurd, and it is well documented as the toughest pilgrimage in western Europe-maybe even the world! Yet pilgrims keep on coming, from Ireland and from all over the world.