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Drumboe Woods

Availability: Jan - Dec

Address: Drumboe Woods , Stranorlar , Co Donegal
Email: ballybofeyandstranorlar@gmail.com

Drumboe Wood offers a Coillte dedicated recreational riverside walk which is relaxing or challenging: walker’s choice. Coillte, the national forestry authority, has made significant improvements and extensions to this beautiful natural amenity. A section of the walk passes the ruins of the old Drumboe Castle and it is possible to cross the River Finn and walk into Ballybofey. Many strangers to the Twin Towns will undoubtedly pass through here without any awareness of the Drumboe Woods existing, which is a great pity, it being one of our ’special’ places. Little can surpass the natural beauty of this peaceful setting, disturbed only by birdsong and the rippling of the River Finn - a true haven of Nature. As well as being a quiet place where people can ramble at leasure and get their thoughts together - with only the trees, plants and birdlife as company - the Drumboe Woods also provide a home for many small animals; field mice, foxes, stoats, rabbits squirrels...and of course, badgers.
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