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Flight of the Earls Visitor Centre

Availability: Jan - Dec

Address: Rathmullan , Co Donegal
Tel: +353 (0)74 9158131
Email: rathmullancharters@eircom.net

The Flight of the Earls Heritage Centre overlooks the very shore from where the Earls left Ireland for good, in Rathmullan County Donegal.

In 1607 the Earls of Ulster departed Ireland, their intention was to gain support in Europe for a liberation of Ireland from English rule but they never returned. There departure marked the end of an era and the beginning of a chain of events which reverberated down the centuries and left a grim legacy of mistrust, resentment and conflict.

The Exhibition is housed in a fort built in 1880 as a defence against possible invasion by the French. It is a lively, informative and interesting display of the life and times of the Earls and the aftermath of their Flight. Displays include models, maps, artwork, literature, fabric hangings and lifelike wax models of the Earls and their families.