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Walking the Edge- Wild Island Immersion

Best of the North West


  • Rare opportunity to have the insider’s view of life on Tory Island, on the extreme edge of Europe.

  • Walking tour available in Irish or English language.

The island of Tory (in Irish steep, rocky heights) sits 14km off the coast of the North West of Ireland and is a dramatic and mythic jewel in Irish history and heritage. Tory has a resident population who speak Irish, or Gaeilge, and who have a long and vibrant lineage stretching back to ancient times.

Walking the Edge- a Wild Island Immersion is a walking tour and rare opportunity to have the insider’s view of life in this unique place on the extreme edge of Europe. Stories of seafaring, legendary conflict and survival intertwine with the dramatic coastline and a wealth of marine life which resides peacefully there. The tour is guided by Aodh or Hugh, a native Irish speaker working on the island and can be taken in the Irish or English language. It includes a discussion with a resident islander, and a walking tour laying bare the wild-life, history, mythology, and indigenous face of Ireland.

For further information on pricing and Booking:
Contact Far & Wild Tours on +44 7759 11198


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