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12 Unique Outdoor Experiences in Donegal

By Go Visit Donegal ~ Updated on: 02 February 2021

From sunrise to sunset, here are 12 unique outdoor experiences in Donegal that you won’t want to miss.

1.  Witness the timeless magic of sunrise over Beltany, one of Ireland’s largest and earliest stone circles, near Raphoe.

Image of sunrise over Beltany by Gareth Wray (@garethwrayphotography)

2.  Experience the exhilaration of a gallop on one of Donegal’s countless golden sandy beaches at low tide. 

Image of horse-riding on Killahoey Beach by Anita Duffy.

3. Feel the fear on One Man’s Pass at the Sliabh Liag sea cliffs where the path is just two feet wide in places. The cliffs near Teelin in SW Donegal tower over 600 metres high, almost three times as high as the cliffs of Moher.

Image of Sliabh Liag by Renee Hahnel (@Reneeroaming)

4.    Climb the 151 steep, gravity defying steps down to the sea from the lighthouse at Rinawros Point on Arranmore Island, originally built to enable the transport of goods to lighthouse keepers.

Image of the steps at Arranmore Lighthouse by Iain Miller (@uniqueascent)

5.    Enjoy the Northern Lights, nature’s most wondrous light show, at Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point.

Image of the tower at Malin Head lit up by Aurora Borealis by Ronan McLaughlin (@ronanmclaughlinphotography)

6.    Behold the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes at dawn in Donegal’s oldest built monument, Grianán of Aileach when, weather permitting, you will see a perfect beam of light crossing the centre of this ancient hilltop stone fort. 

Image of Spring Equinox at Grianán of Aileach by Betina Linke (@Griananswilly) 

7.    Observe the dramatic arrival and departure of thousands of migratory birds from three continents including geese, swans and ducks at Inch Wildfowl Reserve in late Autumn and Spring. 

Image of Inch Wildfowl Reserve by Don McMahan 

8.    Soak up the beauty of Donegal from its highest peak, Errigal, the ultimate reward for scaling the 751 metre high mountain in the Derryveagh mountain range, with breath-taking views of its sister peaks, Tory Island, Bloody Foreland and beyond. 

Image from the top of Errigal by Eamon Brown

9.    Kayak under Donegal’s skin to explore its many sea caves, reefs and rocky outcrops and have yourself a memorable adventure.

Image of seakayaking off Cruit Island by @rapidkayaking 

10.    Lose yourself in Donegal’s wilderness on The Bluestack Way, a 65km walking or cycling route  that takes you through the heart of the county, by the scenic Lough Eske and Disert, an ancient hillside graveyard and place of worship. 

Image of Lough Eske by Jerome Keeney 

11.    Make A Wish on the Wishing Chair, the grave of an ancient chieftain, on the top of Finner Hill near Tullan Strand, Bundoran. 

Image of Fairy Bridges and Wishing Chair by Alison Crummy, Irelandscontentpool.com 

12.    Watch the spectacular sunset over the Atlantic from Muckross Head, near Killbegs.

Image of people gathering to watch sunset at Muckross Head by Jerome Keeney


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