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Sustainable Autumn/Winter in Donegal 💛💚

Publish date: 01th October 2023

Donegal County Council are pleased to be launching an environmental campaign aimed at increasing awareness and information amongst holidaymakers & visitors to the county.

A collaborative effort between the Council’s Environment Section and Tourism Unit will see the promotional campaign take effect between now and the end of winter across Donegal County Council’s and Go Visit Donegal social platforms.  

The initiative seeks to heighten awareness of the waste management facilities available in Donegal and provide accurate educational information to encourage sustainable travel in the county. Local businesses will be engaged in the project which seeks to catch the eye of holidaymakers both in person and online. 

Local authorities have a key role to play when it comes to climate action at a local level and Donegal is no different. This is one of the many steps Donegal County Council will be taking in their commitment to climate action.


We encourage tourism providers to download & put this poster on display in their premises.

Click on the image to download this poster

Sustainable Summer in Donegal


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