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Take part in the Tourism Recovery Taskforce Consultation

Take part in the Tourism Recovery Taskforce Consultation
The Tourism Recovery Taskforce (TRT) which was established by Ministers Shane Ross and Brendan Griffin on 20th May 2020, has launched a consultation process to help inform its work in drawing up a recovery plan for the tourism and hospitality industry. The consultation process is an opportunity for the Taskforce to hear directly from employers and employees across the tourism industry.
Please find a link to the TRT consultation survey below - we invite you to complete it before the consultation process closes on Sunday 28th June.
By taking part in the survey those working in the tourism sector will have the opportunity to contribute as the Taskforce draws up its Recovery Plan.
The purpose of the Taskforce is to prepare a Tourism Recovery Plan for submission to the ministers which will include a set of recommendations on how best the Irish tourism sector can adapt and recover in the changed tourism environment as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The plan will identify priority aims, key enablers and market opportunities for the sector for the period 2020-2023.

The consultation survey will be open for responses until June 28th. To find out more and take part in the consultation process:


To access support and the most up to date information visit our COVID-19 business supports hub at www.failteireland.ie


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