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TOURBO - Boosting the Transition Pathway of MSMEs in Tourism with Green and Digital Transformation

Publish date: 11 March 2024

TOURBO offers an innovative approach to a crucial priority for the EU: Enabling Public Authorities and MSMEs to develop TWIN TRANSITION Strategies to stimulate economic development of the regions.

The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, as well as digitalisation and climate change, have highlighted the importance of government resilience in the face of unexpected shocks and stresses. They have also demonstrated the transformative role of digital technologies in helping the public and private sectors solve urgent challenges and remain resilient during a crisis. Small and medium-sized enterprises are crucial to the EU economy: they account for more than 99% of European businesses and provide two-thirds of private sector jobs. The TWIN TRANSITION will strengthen sustainability through technology and enable a sustainable digital transformation for European tourism MSMEs. 

This project will identify and share innovative and best practices to improve the transition to "Industry 4.0" in tourism-related MSMEs (such as small accommodation operators, restaurants, small local craft businesses, small tourism service providers, etc.). The use of digital approaches and new technology solutions can help accelerate European sustainability policies while creating more responsive, intelligent and inclusive local and regional governance strategies. 

TOURBO will create a sustainable and progressive framework for the integration of a resilient tourism sector into local and regional policies, especially with the aim of the transition pathway of MSMEs by a QUADRUPLE HELIX approach for a smart-green transformation.

8 partners will:

  • Analyse and exchange how interregional collaboration helps to foster the regional transition pathway
  • Develop innovative SMART-GREEN-METHODS in tourism-related MSMEs
  • Build the capacity of tourism-related MSMEs to become more resource efficient
  • Build the capacity of all relevant public authorities on how to incorporate TWIN TRANSITION Strategies
Partners in TOURBO
1.    Seville Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation 
2.    Lapland University of Applied Sciences
3.    Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Vratsa 
4.    Marche Region
5.    Experience Bremerhaven, Tourism, Marketing and Events Company
6.    PORA Regional Development agency of Koprivnica Križevci County
7.    Donegal County Council
8.    Company for Research, Education, Innovation and Development of the North Aegean Region - Eloris SA (North Aegean Region)

Contact Partners

Donegal Stakeholders
Donegal Local Enterprise Office
Donegal Airport
Atlantic Technological University
Failte Ireland
Letterkenny Chamber

Introduction to TOURBO Project - Watch our video

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