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Have your say on Caravan and Camping in Donegal

A new survey to get the public’s views on caravan, camper van and camping in Donegal is being launched today.  This survey, which is being undertaken by KPMG Future Analytics, is part of a study being conducted on behalf of Donegal County Council and will allow members of the pubic to share their thoughts on caravan and camping in Donegal and how best to develop the sector going forward.  

The caravan, camper van and camping sector is an essential and important component of the tourism infrastructure of County Donegal. The sector has to a large extent developed in an organic fashion with the majority of service providers being private sector, with a small number of local Aire de Service locations provided by Donegal County Council.

The study will provide a detailed review of the sector as it currently exists within County Donegal providing an assessment of the opportunities and threats currently presenting for the sector as well as an assessment of good practices elsewhere that could be implemented within existing legislative requirements.  This study will help inform how best the sector can be supported so that it can be developed as a valuable offering for visitors to Donegal while also meeting the needs of communities. 

You are invited to have your say on caravan, campervan and camping in Donegal by taking part in a survey which is being conducted as part of a study being commissioned by the Council and being undertaken by KPMG Future Analytics.
Are you a member of the general public who would like to have your say, click  HERE

Are you a motorhome or camper van user and would like to have your say, click HERE


Please note that the deadline for submission of survey has been extended to Friday, 4th June.


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