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Donegal Railway Heritage Centre has been shortlisted in the National Rural Network’s (NRN) Impact campaign to celebrate the contribution of the LEADER Programme, on Rural Communities across Ireland. Impact, simply refers to a positive change that can be attributed to the LEADER programme, that may not otherwise have been possible. The Museum has previosuly received funding for the production of a number of publications, “Michael Bunch Railway Diaries 1 & 2”, and the recent “County Donegal by Rail in Colour” by John Langford. LEADER has also provided major funding for the landmark capital project to bring the famous Donegal steam engine, Drumboe, back to the museum.
Entrants to this campaign were asked to prepare a short video detailing the impacts of their LEADER funded projects. The museum’s video can be seen by clicking on the picture below, where you can also Vote. 

Niall McCaughan, Manager of Donegal Railway Heritage Centre stated: “We are delighted to be taking part in this campaign, which features many great projects funded through Leader. Without the generous funding provided by Leader through Donegal Local Development CLG, we would not have several quality Donegal railway publications which showcase the unique Donegal railway heritage that we have. These publications feature many unpublished photographs which are now part of the county’s  archive, but also as importantly, bringing in much needed funding to our museum. On a larger scale, we recently received funding from Leader to take Drumboe home. This welcomed capital investment will become a unique flagship tourist heritage project for the town, the county, and the island of Ireland. It will help sustain and grow the current workforce and lay the foundations for even more ambitious projects in the future.
We see this campaign as a way to celebrate the great work that Leader has contributed towards across Ireland, particularly, in isolated communities like ourselves. I would encourage people to click on the link and Vote for Donegal Railway Heritage Centre and share the link with families and friends.”
There will be three winners in total, one per category and these will be decided via a public vote.
The public are invited to vote up until 6pm on Monday 23rd November. The entries with the highest number of votes will be deemed the winners.
Make sure to cast your vote for the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre!


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