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Activity Deals in Donegal

There is no need to look further afield than Donegal for a getaway with a difference.

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Rock Climbing in Donegal

Unique Ascent, Falcarragh
Offer Availability: 01 Jul - 31 Dec 2020
Price: Prices vary

At Unique Ascent since 2005 we have been exploring the better and lesser known climbing locations thoughout the county and have developed and recorded over 500 new routes in all areas of Donegal. We have explored and developed the Island of Cruit, recording over 300 rock climbs making Cruit Island the most developed rock climbing location in Ireland. We have played on the previously unclimbed Sea Stacks creating some of the most adventurous and atmospheric rock climbs in the country.

What we offer is the opportunity for people of all abilities to visit and climb in places of outstanding natural beauty where solitude and a truly great outdoor experience is guaranteed. We offer a full range of experiences, courses and holidays with the goal of maximizing your potential and knowledge by building on your previous experience and knowledge. Our goal with every client is to educate, instruct and guide you to allow you to reach, achieve and fulfill all your rock climbing ambitions.

Available for singles, couples and small families at the moment.

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