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This autumn, there is no need to look further afield than Donegal for a getaway with a difference

#MakeABreakForDonegal | #FillYourHeartWithDonegal

Special 10% off August 22nd - 29th 2020

Donegal Estuary Holiday Homes, Donegal Town
Offer Availability: 01 Jul - 01 Oct 2020
Price: €760

Enjoy a weeks holiday in Donegal town home of the O'Donnell's.
Our three bedroom holiday cottages on the out skirts of town on the road to the beach are an ideal location to see the rest of the County. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the immediate area with lots of magnificent beaches in the surrounding area. Spend some time in the Donegal castle or a trip down the bay on the Waterbus.
For enquiries +3530(0)749721773 email: donegalestuary@gmail.com

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