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Festivals & Events in Donegal


Whatever your interest, there´s a festival for you! Donegal boasts a year-round programme of unique and exciting festivals and events with something to suit every taste. Check out our comprehensive calendar of Festivals and Events in Donegal.

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Allingham Festival


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6th November - 10th november 2024

The Allingham Festival is an Arts Festival with broad appeal. It includes events to appeal to families and individuals. Key event types are Drama, Music, Topical Lectures, Book Readings, Writing Competitions, History, Music and general entertainment.

The festival takes place in early November which is normally a quiet time and we have built up a solid and increasing fan base. A lot of our attendees are older/retired and are committed attendees annually. We focus on having a broad range of events to cover different interests and to ensure that our attendees leave having had a great time and wishing that they could have attended even more of the events on offer.


Starts Wednesday 06 November 2024
Ends Sunday 10 November 2024
Type Festival and Events


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