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Festivals & Events in Donegal


Whatever your interest, there´s a festival for you! Donegal boasts a year-round programme of unique and exciting festivals and events with something to suit every taste. Check out our comprehensive calendar of Festivals and Events in Donegal.

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Inishowen Quadrathon 2024


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15th - 18th August 2024

Ireland's most celebrated and talked about Challenge, It’s not just a race, it’s an adventure experience with lifelong memories. 4 Marathons over 4 days across the stunning Inishowen Peninsula.

You can choose Half or Full Marathon over 1 to 4 days, with a separate route on each of the days. The stunning location is surpassed only by the camaraderie and hospitality that is the hallmark of the QUADRATHON and has past participants raving about this event and returning year after year.

Choose your Challenge:

WARRIOR – 1 to 4 FULL Marathons – 4 different courses over 4 days (105 mile loop)

The QUEST – 1 to 4 HALF Marathons – 4 different courses over 4 days (Start half way on Marathon route)

UNIQUE TO 2024 – Include a 1.25km walk with your own personal ALPACA to a Panoramic elevation.

Inclusive Items that are unique to the QUADRATHON FESTIVAL

Event Buffet after each race with presentation meal on Sunday

A Combi-Medal that is as unique as the race itself.

Ireland's only 4 day marathon event with a completely different course daily

A Shuttle bus service that eliminates transport concerns caused by different daily course. (Cost Extra)

A camaraderie that is special to the Quadrathon Festival.

Amazing lasting memories of an extraordinary event.

All-in-all, for most, it will be your event/achievement of 2024.

Organised Shuttle Bus transfers are also an important aspect of the event at an average cost of €6.50 / day.


Starts Thursday 15 August 2024
Ends Sunday 18 August 2024
Type Festival and Events


Race prices are INCLUSIVE of registration fees and lots more. The Quadrathon is not just about a race, it’s a lot more and a lot more included in the registration fees.

Registration through website

Registration will close on Tue. 6th August ’24 – IF NOT SOLD OUT PRECIOUSLY.


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