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#LoveDonegal Twitter Day

Wednesday, 16th September 2020

Get involved!

#LoveDonegal Twitter Day Wednesday 16th September 2020 – Get involved!

Donegal County Council is holding #LoveDonegal Twitter Day on Wednesday 16th September, to tell as many people as possible around the world about our amazing county.  We need your help, and want support from: 
•    People, organisations, clubs, businesses etc in Donegal, 
•    Donegal emigrants and people with Donegal roots or connections around the world
•    People who visit or have visited Donegal
•    High profile ‘influencers’ – people with big Twitter followings 

If everyone acts together, then we can get Donegal trending and highlight the many wonderful things we all love about our county!
What to Tweet for #LoveDonegal Day
If you live in Donegal, Tweet about your community, your business, your family, your work, where you live, your sports team or club – basically anything! - using the hashtag #LoveDonegal or alternatively #DúnnanGallAbú

If you don’t live here but visit or have roots here, you can Tweet about e.g. what you love about Donegal, favourite places, people & things to do here, using the hashtag #LoveDonegal or #DúnnanGallAbú
Add a photo to your Tweet too, if you can.  You can post to Instagram as well, if you have an account and have time, but Twitter is our priority on the day. Tweets/posts can include:
•    Visiting or travelling around Donegal, 
•    The people of Donegal, 
•    The landscape, coastline or islands of Donegal….
•    music, arts, sport, marine, business, culture & food, 
•    The Gaeltacht and the Irish language

Why #LoveDonegal day is so important
We want to extend our links with those who have Donegal roots or connections around the world (our Diaspora), and to promote the county to the widest possible global audience.  Donegal County Council works to strengthen our links with the Donegal Diaspora to benefit both them and the county. We want more people to visit, take jobs here, invest in the county, start business here, relocate or retire here, to grow our local economy. 

You can take part by: 
•    Tweeting personally from your personal account using #LoveDonegal 
•    Tweeting from your work, club our group twitter accounts, if available
•    Retweeting other #LoveDonegal tweets (and posting to Instagram too)
•    Asking your friends & family at home and abroad to join in

Enquiries to: mariagallagher@donegalcoco.ie  

#LoveDonegal Twitter Day 2020

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