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Tours & Sightseeing in Donegal


Whether you are coming to Donegal or have already arrived, there are loads of excellent Guided Tours offering tailor made itineraries and the opportunity to see all of the fantastic attractions around the County. Get the authentic Donegal experience with one of our many Tour and Sightseeing Operators.

Reel Irish Music Tours

64 Mill Brae,Buncrana,Buncrana

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Reel Irish Music Tours is a traditional music, culture and heritage tour company based in County Donegal, in the North West of Ireland who provide fully immersive, Irish traditional music orientated experiences.

For the duration of your visit to Donegal along the Wild Atlantic Way, you will be accompanied by two Company Directors, both of whom hail from Donegal, for the entirety of your journey. Also travelling with us will be our lead musician, accompanist and local musical friends who will join us

along the way.

We work with small groups of guests, maximum of 25 per tour, so that the unique service we offer is not diluted and very quickly, you will feel like part of the family. With local information and knowledge of many hidden gems that large commercial tours may not be aware of, you will

experience the breath-taking scenery and make new friends along the way.

We pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail we provide for each guest and as we are offering a fully escorted tour, solo travellers can feel safe knowing that people with local knowledge will be with you from the minute you arrive until you leave.

You will enjoy daily and evening Sessions in some of Donegal’s finest locations and can expect to hear many stories (some of which may even be true), share in the famous Irish “Craic agus Ceol” and experience the warmth of “Ireland of a thousand welcomes.”


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