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Hotels in County Donegal come in all shapes, sizes and locations. From budget to luxury, there are over 55 hotels to choose from around the county. Hotel accommodation provides a range of facilities which will generally include restaurants/cafés, bars, gyms, spa's and leisure centres. Donegal hotels are of a consistently high standard.

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Destination Wedding Planner Donegal. Recommending perfect locations for your destination weddings in Ireland. Assisting you with all the legal requirements for your wedding in Ireland. Engaging other wedding professionals and service providers on your behalf. When you travel to Ireland for your wedding, you may have the opportunity to incorporate a holiday while you are here. We can assist you in a number of ways; Organise a rehearsal Dinner, Suggest activities for you and your Guests, Provide details of guided tours. Book group boat trips. Organise an After Wedding Party. Provide babysitting services. Booking activities,events and evening entertainment. Offer detailed list of things to do in the area to help make the most of your visit to Ireland.


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