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Family History stories to amaze and inspire

In a county that boasts a Diaspora that has reached around the world and back again, you might find you are descended from an ancient Donegal king or a world-famous Gaelic poet. Either way, why not come and explore your family story by meeting your ancestors, visiting the place where it all began and learning a little bit more about your Donegal history.

Central Library
Oliver Plunkett Rd
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
Tel. +353 (0)74 912 4950

The Donegal Central Library has an extensive collection of books, journals and other material on genealogy and family history. An excellent place to begin your Donegal family history search.

Donegal County Archives Service
Donegal County Council
Three Rivers Centre, Lifford, Co. Donegal
Tel. +353 (0)74 917 2490


Donegal County Archives preserves and makes accessible the recorded and documented heritage of the people of Donegal for present and future generations. The Archives holds records relating to Donegal's history and culture, dating from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Please contact the Archives Service for an appointment.

Donegal County Museum
High Road
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
Tel. +353 (0)74 912 4613


Donegal County Museum preserves and celebrates the collective memory of the county and its communities, through the preservations, display andinterpretations of artefacts.

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