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Donegal Islands

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Donegal's wild and beautiful islands sit proudly in the Atlantic Ocean and are the jewels of Donegal's Gaeltacht. They have captured imagination for thousands of years and provided stimulus for artists and writers alike. Soak up our fascinating Irish heritage and explore our intriguing islands.

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Arranmore Island (Árainn Mhór)

Co. Donegal,Arranmore Island

There is a feeling of enchantment from the moment you step aboard the ferry at Burtonport. Arranmore Island or Árainn Mhór in Irish is wild and untamed and has a rich and vibrant heritage and culture and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The Gaelic traditions are still thriving on the Arranmore Island and if you are looking for a real taste of island life, then this is definitely not to be missed on your Donegal adventure.

Must See

The Sli Arainn Mhor (Arranmore Loop Walk) is part of the Bealach na Gaeltachta, a National Waymarked Way with stunning views in all directions. Highlights include bird watching along the cliffs, Arranmore Lighthouse and the historical ‘cave of slaughter’. Check out the dramatic sea caves and golden sandy beaches of Arranmore Island.

Why Not

The clear waters of the surrounding ocean of Arranmore Island provide the perfect marine leisure destination for those who love to get outdoors and try activities such as diving, sea angling, sailing, kayaking and many more wet and wild adventures. Freshwater lakes on the island are an angler’s paradise offering brown and rainbow trout catches. There are a wide variety of species to be caught when sea angling and local charter services will guide you to the best locations to cast a line.

Try This

Take a Sea Safari trip around Arranmore Island visit the numerous offshore islands which are havens of peacefulness and tranquillity where nature and wildlife prosper without interruption. Cliffs, beaches, rocky outcrops, sea stacks, sea caves provide perfect habitats for marine life as well as superb photographic opportunities for visitors. Bird-watching opportunities abound together with the possibility of spotting dolphins, seals and basking sharks.

Did You Know?

Emigration has been part of life for the people of Arranmore Island for hundreds of years. Many who made the journey across the Atlantic settled on Beaver Island in the Great Lakes of the USA. There are still many links between Arranmore Island and Beaver Island.

Probably the most accessible of all the Gaeltacht islands, Árainn Mhór has a resident population of approximately 500 (CSO 2016). From the islands rolling hills, observe views of the Rosses Region (Na Rosa), the islands or visit two of the islands lovely beaches, at Aphort or Leabh Gharbh. A place to get away from it all and yet mainland Donegal is just a 15 minute boat journey.

Arranmore Ferry (blue ferry): www.arranmorefastferry.com

Arranmore Car & Passenger Ferry (red ferry): www.arranmoreferry.com


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