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Donegal Islands

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Donegal's wild and beautiful islands sit proudly in the Atlantic Ocean and are the jewels of Donegal's Gaeltacht. They have captured imagination for thousands of years and provided stimulus for artists and writers alike. Soak up our fascinating Irish heritage and explore our intriguing islands.

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Arranmore Island (Árainn Mhór)

There is a feeling of enchantment from the moment you step aboard the ferry at Burtonport. Arranmore Island or Árainn Mhór in Irish is wild and untamed and has a rich and vibrant heritage and culture and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The Gaelic traditions are still thriving on the Arranmore Island and if you are looking for a real taste of island life, then this is definitely not to …

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Gola Island (Oileán Ghabhla)

The island of Gabhla (Gola) covers about one square mile (500 acres) and is situated about one mile from the pier at Machaire Gathlán, or two miles from the pier at An Bun Beag. The island is hilly on its west side, rising to 238 feet at Cnoc an Choillín and 212 feet at An Mhaol Mhór, and these hills shelter the houses that stretch in a ribbon along the east side. The census of 1841 recorded a…

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Inishbofin Island (Inis Bó Finne)

Inis Bó Finne - the island of the white cow is locted four miles from the village of An Fál Carrach (Falcarragh), or just two miles (a 10-minute boat trip) from the pier at Machaire Rabhartaigh (Magheraroarty). Covering 300 acres, it is a small island, the southern half of the island is fertile and was cultivated in the past in the traditional clachan and rundale manner, which involved communal…

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Inishfree Island (Inis Fraoigh)

Inis Fraoigh - meaning island of heather lies in the sheltered sea bay between Dungloe and Burtonport and is just a short boat trip from the pier at Burtonport The island is about one square mile in area and once held a thriving community of farmers and fishermen. Like many Irish islands, it has a long history of human settlement. In early Christian times it was controlled by Niall of the Nine …

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Inishirrer Island (Inis Oirthir)

It is as the name says, Island East, the ‘Eastern Island’. Inishirrer is a long, narrow island, about one mile long and one quarter of a mile wide. It is approximately one mile off the coast of Gweedore. The Inishirrer islanders are famous for their expertise in sailing, rowing and fishing. Activities include: walking, birdwatching, sea angling and fishing. Eolas / Information: Comharchuman…

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Inishkerragh (Inis Caorach)

Inishkerragh means ‘Sheep Island’. Originally from the Irish ‘Inis’ – ‘island’ and ‘caoragh’ – ‘sheep’, Inishkerragh is situated off the north west coast of Donegal, in the bay of Boylagh. It measures 650m by 300m and the highest point is 6.5m above sea level. Activities include: walking, birdwatching, sea angling and fishing. Eolas / Information: Comharchumann na nOileán Beag Tel: +353 …

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Island Roy (Oileán Ruaidh)

Oileán Ruaidh (Island Roy) is a lowlying, gravel-based eminence of 100 acres. It has green fields, rocky shores with abundant growth of seaweed – used for healthy bathing – and the landscape has breathtaking views of Rossapenna’s sand-dunes, the surrounding Mulroy coastline and the Donegal hills. It is situated some three and a half miles from the mainland villages of Downings and Carrigart. It w…

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Owey Island (Uaigh)

Owey Island lies midway between Gola and Arranmore and is just off-shore from Cruit Island. The recently whitewashed cottages on Owey are clearly visible from the Clubhouse at the end of Cruit. It is roughly the same size as Gola, being a little over 300 acres in area. Like Gola it was once home to almost a hundred islanders but this population had reduced to about thirty by the time the last isla…

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Rutland Island (Inis Mhic an Doirn)

Rutland Island is situated about half a mile from Burtonport Harbour in the parish of The Rosses in West Donegal. Activities include walking, birdwatching, sea angling and fishing. Eolas / Information: Comharchumann na nOileán Beag Tel: +353 (0)74 953 2571 or +353 (0)74 953 2594

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Tory Island (Toraigh)

Tory Island’s name conjures up images of majesty and beauty. In fact, as the northernmost outpost of Donegal’s thriving Gaeltacht culture, Tory is home to its own King, Iron Age fords and medieval round towers. Rate birdlife and wild flowers find shelter on the Island. The finest musicians, storytellers and dancers host sessions that linger into the early hours. Torys spectacular cliff scenery is …

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