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Grianán of Aileach

Speenoge,Greenan Mountain,Burt

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Grianán of Aileach (Irish: Grianán Ailigh) is probably the best known monument in Inishowen, County Donegal. Situated on a hilltop 250m above sea level the view from the stone fort of Aileach is breathtaking.

The Stone Fort of Grianán of Aileach sits on a hilltop in Inishowen County Donegal. 250m above sea level, the stone fort was probably first built on an earthen rath.

With 360 degree views, one can observe clearly the glistening waters of Lough Foyle and Lough Swilly that form the Inishowen Peninsula. A windy and exposed place, Grianán Fort has been a silent witness to the history of Ireland.

The origins of the Grianán of Aileach fort are dated back to 1700 BC. It is linked to the Tuatha de Danann who invaded Ireland before the Celts and built stone forts on top of strategic hills. They worshipped Dagda (the Good God) and he too is associated with the origins of Aileach. It was he who ordered the building of a stone fort to act as a burial monument to his dead son.

The round fort is built largely without mortar. The interior has three terraces and wooden structures were built against the terraces to provide accommodation. The outline of Bronze Age or Iron Age ramparts can be seen below the fort. Legend states that the giants of Inishowen are lying sleeping but when the sacred sword is removed they will spring to life reclaiming their ancient lands.

Mr Walter Bernard of Derry restored the stone fort or cashel in the 1870s. It is the centrepiece of the site, 23m in internal diameter with walls measuring 5m in height and approximately 4m in thickness. The dry stone walls contain two passages within them as well as terraces along their interior which would have allowed access to their summit.

It is thought that St Patrick visited the site in the 5th century and baptised the local chieftain, Eoghan (from whom Inis Eoghan gets its name), here.

Directions: 4km from the village of Bridgend in the direction of Letterkenny,

take the signposted road at Burt Circular Chapel and continue up the road to the hill summit. This monument is well signposted.


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Greenan Mountain,

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