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Donegal Islands

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Donegal's wild and beautiful islands sit proudly in the Atlantic Ocean and are the jewels of Donegal's Gaeltacht. They have captured imagination for thousands of years and provided stimulus for artists and writers alike. Soak up our fascinating Irish heritage and explore our intriguing islands.

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Owey Island (Uaigh)

Co. Donegal,Owey Island

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Owey Island lies midway between Gola and Arranmore and is just off-shore from Cruit Island. The recently whitewashed cottages on Owey are clearly visible from the Clubhouse at the end of Cruit. It is roughly the same size as Gola, being a little over 300 acres in area. Like Gola it was once home to almost a hundred islanders but this population had reduced to about thirty by the time the last islanders left in 1974.

The island is totally untouched by 21st century life as we know it. Yes, there are fridges and cookers in the houses but these are run by gas cylinders as there is no electricity on the island. As a result of no electricity there are no computers and no internet connection. There are no TVs, no blaring music systems, and no brain overloading modern day distractions at all. Light in the homes is supplied by gas too or by candlelight.

Owey Island sits off the Northern tip of Cruit Island and is only accessible by a short passenger ferry crossing. The ferry runs from the far northern end of Cruit Island from the pier below the golf course club house and berths at the South East tip of Owey Island.

Owey Island is an appealing location for rock climbers. Many of the cliffs require a slightly more adventurous approach with most of the routes having only ever been climbed once.

For boat trips to the island, please contact:

Jim Muldowney - Arranmore Charters

Tel: +353 (0)86 3300516

Web: www.divearranmore.com

Paul McGonigle - Saoire Mara Charters

Tel: +353 (0)87 9870266

Web: www.saoiremara.com


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Co. Donegal,
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