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Activities in Donegal

Donegal provides a brilliant backdrop for the plethora of activities which the county offers. Golfers need not go far to find a green, anglers can cast upon the many lakes & rivers, or one could simply trek along the vast landscape on horseback. Donegal is yours - go explore.

Awaken Adventures

27 Carolina Park,Co. Donegal,Letterkenny

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Awaken Adventures is an outdoor adventure activities provider set up by me, Stephen Bell, based in Letterkenny and operating throughout all of County Donegal.

Awaken Adventures is all about getting out and exploring the amazing landscape of Donegal. Whether through climbing, walking or kayaking, there is so much to see and so many adventures to be had, regardless of your fitness or ability!

I am a passionate believer of the benefits that spending time being active in the outdoors can have on your mental and physical well-being. So at Awaken Adventures our goal is simple: to provide Experiences to Inspire.

Inspire you to challenge yourself, inspire you to try something new, inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle and ultimately inspire you to get out and get active in nature.

We can offer tailor made adventures to suit your needs, and the activities on offer are:

- Rock climbing and abseiling

- Hiking and photography tours

- Kayaking

- Adventure Programmes designed to promote mental and physical well-being

- Team Building activities

- Charity Challenges


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