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Donegal Crafts


Crafts people have take inspiration from the landscape of Donegal for centuries. From Donegal tweed to sculptures made of bog oak, the land has literally made its way into the crafts of Donegal. But that is not all that Donegal crafts have to offer. Experience them for yourself in all their inspirational beauty.

Donegal Copper Craft


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Donegal Copper Craft is teaming up with Teac Jack Glassagh and going to be holding some workshops which caters for families, men, women and children from 12 years of age, following government guidelines with Social distancing.

Minimum of 10 and a Maximum of 40. for more information visit our website

Donegal Copper Craft also has an online shop which can also be viewed on the webpage

Each piece of Copper Artwork is unique and made to customers specific requirements and wishes.

Prices will vary as the detailed Artwork on each piece is individually finished by hand.

Orders can take up to 4-5 weeks, When possible order in plenty of time.

Please take some time to view my art work on each page for inspiration and contact me to bring your ideas to life with Donegal Copper Craft.

I can provide you with a customised, beautiful piece of personalised handmade Copper Art.


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