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Tours & Sightseeing in Donegal


Whether you are coming to Donegal or have already arrived, there are loads of excellent Guided Tours offering tailor made itineraries and the opportunity to see all of the fantastic attractions around the County. Get the authentic Donegal experience with one of our many Tour and Sightseeing Operators.

Donegal Sea Adventure


Explore the amazing Atlantic coastline with Donegal Sea Adventure. Take a Sea Safari boat tour and experience the rich heritage, scenery and wildlife on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Donegal Sea Adventure is a boat tour company based in Burtonport Harbour on the Wild Atlantic Way. The area is surrounded by a contrast of large and small Islands, dramatic cliffs and amazing coastal beaches which can be explored in a purpose built tour boat. The sea safari tour explores the coast and the crew give a detailed insight into the history and culture in the area as well as facts on the local wildlife and geology. This activity is for all to enjoy and gives an exhilarating experience for travelers young and old alike. Wildlife such as seabirds, dolphins, seals, whales and basking sharks can often be spotted on the Sea Safari.

Tours can be booked online and run from April through to September. Private charter is available all year round.


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