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Eco Atlantic Adventures- Doe Castle Invasion


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Doe Castle Kayak Invasion

Doe Castle sits on the waterline of Sheephaven Bay on The Wild Atlantic Way between Carrigart and Creeslough.

Doe Castle is One of Ireland’s few remaining, fortified, Gaelic tower houses, Doe which is believed to have been built in the 1420s, was home to the McSweeney Clan for almost two hundred years.

The McSweeneys, originally from Scotland, were Gallowglasses or Gallóglaigh mercenaries known as Clan tSuibhne na dTuath or Sweeneys of the Territory. The castle became Caislean na dTuath, anglicised as Doe Castle.

Eoghan Og II, fostered the young Red Hugh O’Donnell at Doe in the 1580s and gave shelter to shipwrecked Spanish Armada sailors in 1588. The last chief of Doe, Maolmhuire an Bhata Bhui was knighted by Elizabeth I in 1599 but subsequently fought with Red Hugh at The Battle of Kinsale in 1601.

After the Irish defeat at Kinsale, Doe became an English military garrison. In the 1640s, when Maolmhuire an Bhata Bhui’s grandson briefly regained control of Doe, a large party of veteran Irish soldiers sailed from France into Doe to lead a Gaelic uprising.

Kayaking out from Ards on the Morning tide to Doe Castle and returning to Ards. Kayak tour is Weather and Swell dependent. Kayak Distance is 5km distance and is 2-3 hours Duration, Light Snack and Fluids is Recomended.

Wetsuits and All Kayak Equipment Provided, Cost is €40pp


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