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Tours & Sightseeing in Donegal


Whether you are coming to Donegal or have already arrived, there are loads of excellent Guided Tours offering tailor made itineraries and the opportunity to see all of the fantastic attractions around the County. Get the authentic Donegal experience with one of our many Tour and Sightseeing Operators.

Mulroy Drive


The Mulroy Drive is a 35km touring route in North Donegal, Ireland.

The Mulroy Drive offers a warm and friendly welcomes to one and all in this most scenic and breath-taking tour of the beautiful Mulroy Bay. It connects the beautiful Atlantic drive to the rugged beauty of the Fanad lighthouse and the stunning Portsalon beaches and Knockalla drive.

The rolling hills and sea views can be viewed at numerous lay-bys along the bay. The drive offers a wide variety of walking and cycling routes, canoeing, swimming and fishing that can be seen on the route maps along the drive. A friendly welcome await the traveller along the bay in the many pubs and restaurants offers traditional and country music. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, camper and camping are all available on the shores of Mulroy. Steeped in history with folklore and stories along with craft shops, old forge and hot tubes the Mulroy drive is truly a unique experience in north Donegal.

We encourage you to take the tour round the bay and view the spectacular scenery and sample some of the restaurants, bars, shops, accommodation and hospitality of the local people.


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