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Surfing in Donegal


You can take a Surfing Holiday in Donegal at any time of the year. Donegal’s beaches have excellent waves and breaks from summer to winter. Our accredited Surfing providers offer excellent Accommodation, Surf Lesson and Board Hire packages.

Narosa School of Surf

NAROSA,Main Street,Dunfanaghy

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We have two sites in Dunfanaghy & Magheraroarty offering surf lessons, kids camps & stand up paddling boarding.

Our experienced ISA qualified coaches approach every lesson with the aim of not just offering a great one-off experience of surfing, but for surfing to become a positive force in our customers lives, even in a small way.

This mantra means we keep coach to student ratio low, so we can offer more personalised tuition – understanding where you are starting from and finding a personalised path to progression.

Also this low ratio mean we can listen to our students so they get out of surfing what they want – whether that is getting fitter, sharing waves with friends, perfecting a cut-back, or just having a big smile on their face at the end of the day.

Our hope is when you leave us, you take a bit of our stoke with you.


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Mon - Sunday, 09:00 - 17:00


Main Street,

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