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Local Culture in Donegal

Explore Donegal

For a totally unique Irish experience, immerse yourself in the local arts and culture. Donegal boasts world-class festivals and events, great art galleries, theatre, performing arts and Ireland’s largest Gaeltacht area. Culture buffs will be completely satisfied with a trip to County Donegal.

A treasure trove of expression, thought and history!

Culture is a part of who we are in Donegal. Through our culture we express and celebrate who we are as diverse, traditional and modern people. Donegal culture strikes a unique beat which can be heard across the mountains and lakes of Donegal, Ireland and the world.

Cultural Venues & Organisations

Want to find out what Cultural events are happening in County Donegal? There is a vast array of cultural venues and organisations in the county that host diverse events and provide activities to the public.

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Film Locations in Donegal

The perfect place to shoot your film.

The Film Office acts as the main resource for filmmakers in Donegal and those who wish to film in Donegal from all over the world.

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Discover diverse range of quality tourist accommodation in Donegal

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