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Donegal Crafts


Crafts people have take inspiration from the landscape of Donegal for centuries. From Donegal tweed to sculptures made of bog oak, the land has literally made its way into the crafts of Donegal. But that is not all that Donegal crafts have to offer. Experience them for yourself in all their inspirational beauty.

Inishowen Bogwood Sculptures


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These sculptures, uniquely crafted by Mary Doherty, allow individuals a unique opportunity to view remnants of our past which lay untouched by human hand for centuries, and now have been brought to new life by Mary’s creativity and her ability to enhance the existing beauty which nature offers in the unspoilt areas of our countryside. For generations the fuel for heating and cooking was produced in the extensive bogs found in most areas of Inishowen. In the course of cutting turf, bogwood has been discovered which has been carbon dated as at least 6000 years old. The bogwood could have also spent hundreds of years lying on top of the ground. Inishowen Bogwood Sculptures can be purchased as a souvenir of the area, as gifts, awards, retirement gifts and they can make commission pieces too. The bogwood has been carefully coated with beeswax and requires no further polishing or care. The gallery is located beside Mary’s home and so is open 7 days a week.


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Open Daily 9am – 8pm (and later on request) seven days a week.


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