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Ards Forest Park

Ards Forest Park,Ards, Creeslough,Creeslough

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A visit to Ards Forest Park will reward everyone at any time of the year.

The park covers approximately 480 hectares (1200 acres) and includes a variety of habitats, among them sand dunes, beaches, salt marshes, salt water lakes, rock face and, of course, coniferous and deciduous woodlands. With such a variety of landscapes, it is possible to spend many hours exploring this wonderful park. The sea is one of the real treasures of this forest park and there are several trails, the Binngorm trail, the Salt Marsh Trail and the Sand Dune Trail, which offer the hiker an opportunity to experience it in all its facets.

Car parking (credit/debit card) or Annual Pass.

Car park opens from 8:00am to 8:00pm ( April to September) and 8:00am to 5.00pm (October to March)

There are nine trails to choose from, including Salt Marsh Trail (0.5kms, multi access, 1hr), Sand Dune Trail (1.0km, multi access, 1.5hrs),Nature Trail (1.5kms, 1.0hr, easy), Red Trail (13.0kms, 4hrs, strenuous), Green Walk ( 3.5kms, 1.5hrs, easy), Yellow Walk (4.0kms, 1.5hrs, easy), Marine Trail (2.5kms, 1.0hr, easy), Heritage Trail (5.0kms, 2.0hrs, moderate), Binngorm Trail (3.5kms, 2.0hrs, strenuous).


Opens daily All Day
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  • Parking (paid)
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Ards Forest Park,
Ards, Creeslough,

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