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News and Events about County Donegal in Ireland © Go Visit Donegal Blog, 2019.

Sailing Through Time: Donegal's Maritime Wonders

Perched on the edge of Europe, where the wild Atlantic meets the rugged Irish coastline, County Donegal beckons visitors with tales of seafaring adventures legendary lighthouses, and historical fortresses. From the days of ancient mariners to modern maritime exploits, Donegal’s unique location has etched it as an indelible part of maritime lore. Dive in as we explore three of Donegal's maritime wonders.

Donegal Town Celebrates 550 Years 

Next year, 2024, Donegal Town will mark its 550th Birthday. Its origins can be traced back to 1474, when Lady Nuala O'Donnell established a Franciscan Abbey on the shores of Donegal Bay. Around the same time, her husband Red Hugh O'Donnell the First, Lord of Tir Chonaill founded Donegal Castle. The Town of Donegal grew up around these two great buildings and became the capital of Tir Chonaill. 

Earning Civic Dollars is a Walk in the Park!

Download the Civic Dollars app, earn online credits by spending time in one of the following five local outdoor resources & redeem your ‘Civic Dollars’ in exchange for local and countywide rewards provided by the local business community.

‘Shear’ Excitement Builds for Two-Day Clonmany Show

One of the northwest's leading Agricultural Shows plays host to the All Nations Shearing and Wool Handling championships.

The Sky’s the Limit! NEW Loganair Heathrow Service Takes off from City of Derry Airport

Saturday 6th May 2023 was a proud and momentous day for the management and staff at City of Derry Airport, and the entire Northwest region, as the first service in history between City of Derry and London Heathrow Airport took to the skies. 

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