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Go Visit Donegal Blog

News and Events about County Donegal in Ireland © Go Visit Donegal Blog, 2022.

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Spotlight on Donegal's World-Class Golf Courses

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting four renowned first-class golf journalists in County Donegal, where they experienced our spectacular golf courses under the brilliant, sunny skies that have graced our region. The beautiful weather perfectly complemented the lush, green fairways, providing ideal conditions for discovering why Donegal is a top destination for golf enthusiasts around the world.

Elevating Donegal’s Festivals and Events Through Expert-Led Workshops

At Go Visit Donegal, we are always looking for innovative ways to support and promote the unique cultural landscape of our county. This year, we're excited to announce a series of initiatives designed to enhance the visibility and success of local festivals and events. From expert-led online workshops to our monthly "What's On" features, we are dedicated to not only celebrating but actively boosting the rich festivities our county has to offer.

TOURBO - Boosting the Transition Pathway of MSMEs in Tourism with Green and Digital Transformation

The European Interreg Project TOURBO involves eight European partners, including  Donegal County Council. TOURBO contributes to the TWIN TRANSITION PATHWAY approach by promoting innovative ideas and practices to foster green and digital solutions for tourism MSMEs, aiming at creating a more responsive, smart and inclusive policy framework:

  • PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS will be enabled to raise awareness among MSMEs on the need for sustainable business practices and to support the vital economic ecosystems in applying green policies by enabling digitised services and sustainable business practices.
  • MSMEs will improve their knowledge of customers' preferences in terms of digitalisation and sustainability of offers and services.
  • GOVERNMENTS AND BUSINESSES will explore how they can link digital and environmental factors to significantly boost their economies by a quadruple helix approach.

TOURBO's overarching goal is to provide a viable and progressive approach to integrating a resilient tourism sector into local and regional policies by means of GREEN AND SMART SOLUTIONS in the sense of INDUSTRY.


Beneath the well-trodden paths of Donegal's famed attractions lies a world less explored, where the whispers of history and the breath of the Atlantic breeze converge to tell tales untold.

This is Donegal off-the-beaten-track – a haven for the curious, the adventurers, and those who seek to immerse themselves in the authentic essence of Ireland's rugged North West. As the world rushes by, these hidden gems remain preserved in time, offering solace and a rare glimpse into untouched landscapes, secluded beaches, and the enduring spirit of local communities.

Embracing Sustainable Tourism in Donegal

Discover the serene beauty and rich cultural heritage of County Donegal, a gem in Ireland's crown, where sustainable tourism practices are not just a concept but a way of life. In this blog, we explore how you can enjoy the best of Donegal responsibly and sustainably.

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News & Events about County Donegal in Ireland Copyrights © 2021 Donegal Tourism CLG.

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